JP Nagar residents seek better BMTC connectivity

Lack of a proper network of BMTC buses in JP Nagar leaves resident fuming.

New routes are regularly being introduced by the BMTC. This irritates me no end since, we, the citizens of JP Nagar V Phase are not at the receiving end of these new bus routes. Forget new ones, even the old routes seem to have disappeared overnight. BMTC seems to have wiped out JP Nagar V Phase from their route-maps. There are plenty of bus shelters, beautiful ones at that, but no single bus passes that way. A number of representations and meetings (with officials) have proved futile.

Travelling out from JP Nagar, you have a few buses, but coming back to JP Nagar is a nightmare. Alighting at the Bannerghatta Road stop, one needs to walk a long stretch to reach V Phase. We were adjusting without grumbling about the routes at 15th cross, though that again was a long walk – that too came to a stop with the never ending underpass work. To top it all, auto drivers refuse to come to this area unless you promise them to pay extra. Children going to school in BMTC buses are the most affected. Students carrying their extra baggage of the lunch box, the heavy bags, braving the sun and rain is a regular feature in the V Phase.

A number of celebrities reside just across the road. Politicians are not bothered about the hassles of the middle-class citizens living in the same area. Agreed, we do not expect them to travel in buses, but, given their power, I think that something can be done about the travails we are facing since we live in a power-abiding society.

It was believed that the buses were rerouted because drivers were finding it difficult to manoeuvre the buses at 3rd Phase. The BMTC and traffic police are clever enough to devise a suitable solution for this problem and urgent steps need to be taken. Please do not take the middle-class and the working class people for granted. We pay our taxes on time, we are law-abiding citizens and we have a right to demand this.

Elections over, we are back to square one, left to fend for ourselves with bare bus-shelters, long walks home from far off bus-stands, greedy autorickshaw drivers, no safety of our teenagers walking on lonely roads back from college, tired children and empty assurances of the winning parties. Living in JP Nagar V Phase is like living in the 1950s and now I know how my ancestors lived without buses.


  1. Y.BABY JACOB says:


    U have voiced nicely ….!! Keep raise voice along with Citizens . The authorities will have to act accordindingly at last. I am sure.


  2. Gautam says:

    Is it still as bad as it was before or have things improved?

  3. Gautam says:

    I found this on the website of Janaagraha.

    The BMTC addresses grievances on specific dates in different parts of the city. These programmes are duly announced, well in advance, in Kannada and English through respective newspapers under ‘City Briefs’ before they are conducted. The grievance hearings are chaired by the Chief Traffic Manager, BMTC.

    You can register your complaints or suggestions directly through the telephone number 2295 2504.

    You can also e-mail your contention to
    send in writing addressed to

    The Chief Traffic Manager(O), Central Offices, BMTC,
    Bangalore – 560 027


    “BMTC CALL CENTER”: A dedicated call centre functions from 0800 hours to 2000 hours. You can record your grievances, suggestions and complaints pertaining to all aspects of BMTC. Two exclusive telephone lines with Nos. 12667 and 25550565 are available for this purpose.

  4. Pramod Naik says:

    Why don’t Citizen Matters negotiate with the city’s leading TV channels to produce a daily 2-3 min. PSA (Public Service Announcement) ad that highlights citizen services like these mentioned here?

  5. Ranjith says:

    Please Provide new mini bus service to Tin factory to Tin factory Route: Tin factory, Bennigana Halli, Nagavarapalaya, C.V.Raman Nager, Kaggadasapura, A- Narayanapura, K.R.Puram Railway station, Tin Factory , So that many people can use this services, many people form kaggadasapura are working in ITPB and other companies in Whitefield road they can use this mini bus till K.R Puram railway station and from there they can catch another bus for Whitefield , it will help many people to commute railway station to C.V.Raman nager ,Kaggadasapura.etc. Now we don’t have direct bus to ITPB form kaggadaspura if we want to go ITPB or Whitefield road we need to catch 314 via C.V.Raman nager,BEML gate,Jeevanbeema nager, Indranager 80 feet road get down in old madras road from there we need to catch ITPB bus it will take more than 1 hour to reach old madras road.
    If you provide this bus route we can save our time and energy so behalf of Kaggadasapura people I am requesting you to provide the new mini bus route.

  6. Narayannapa says:

    Hi, I am a resident of KADUGODI…There are so many people from our area, who daily travel to Hebbal, Nagavara, Kammanahalli, Banaswadi, Tin factory, KR-Puram…..but there is hardly any bus for that route from KADUGODI bus stop…we need to get down at Hope Farm and catch another bus…to Tin Factory…then one more bus to the areas mentioned above…I request BMTC to kindly look upon KADUGODI residents grevience and introduce buses to Hebbal via Tin Factory …..

    I also request BMTC to introduce ordinary buses, G and K series buses, or Suwarna because most of the commuters are middle class people……

    I also find so many buses towards Marathalli from Kadugodi…..the frequency of buses to Marathalli from kadugodi is so high that till hope farm, whitefield there wont be a single passenger sometimes……

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