Bengaluru news in brief: May 5 – 12

This week's scan of Kannada newspapers has a number of reports from low cost houses by BDA to how an inspector threatened a woman who went to complain and so on.


Rush for PU admission

A good pass percentage in SSLC results has created a rush for PU (Pre university) admission. Students and their parents are queueing at city colleges for admission. Serpentine queues has resulted in traffic blocks in certain places as well. There is also an increase in the number of students with high grades. Demand is higher for select private colleges. Though education department has fixed Rs. 15 as the application form fee, there are complaints that some colleges are collecting upto Rs. 200. ( Vijaya Karnataka , Wednesday, May 6 )

High schools too will get grades

Government high schools will be soon be graded according to quality of education they impart. The grading system, on the lines of those given to colleges, will come into effect from next academic year. They will take into consideration space available for each students, seating capacity, library, computer facilities, garden, compound et cetera. ( Kannada Prabha , Tuesday, May 12 )

Government technical college faces numerous problems

This is an engineering college. This government-owned college is just a few yards from the state administration center, Vidhana Soudha. However, government babus prefer to close their ears when it comes to hearing college problems. SKSJ Technical Institute was started by the government two years ago. However, the government has never bothered to provide basic facilities resulting in students thinking twice before joining that. It neither has its own building nor a well equipped laboratory. ( Vijaya Karnataka , Sunday, May 10 )


Sunday bazaar continued

Sunday bazaar, the place to get stolen or second hand goods at cheap rates in Bangalore, continued this week as well amid strong speculation that police may ban it. Though police have issued the notice that Sunday bazaar will be banned from May 10 after they were found to sell weapons. This ban has not been implemented. Warnings from traders and some political parties could be a reason for this. ` Kannada Prabha , Monday, May 11 )

Ratelists disappear from HOPCOMS shops

People like to buy vegetables and fruits at HOPCOMS shops for their competitive prices. The price list in front of each shop helps them decide on what to buy. However, this price list boards are disappearing from many shops thanks to greedy shop operators. They charge higher rates than that fixed by HOPCOMS. This is resulting in loss of credibility. To prevent this, HOPCOMS is planning to computerise the entire shop network. This will enable receipts to be generated based on centrally fixed price structure. ( Vijaya Karnataka , Wednesday, May 6 )


Illegal quarries distress people

There are at least 15 illegal quarries around Anjanapura. Government loses minimum of Rs 4.5 crores every month due to this. Besides thousands of families residing around Anjanapura lost sleep. Though illegal activities are going on right under the nose of officials, nobody so far has taken any action. Rocks are blasted using dynamites. Residents say it feels like there has been an earthquake whenever such blasts happen. Cracks have developed on the walls of thousands of houses. ( Vijaya Karnataka , Tuesday, May 12 )

MLA refuses to appear for voice test

The MLA, Y Sampangi who was caught by Lokayukta recently while taking bribing, declined to appear for the voice test as demanded by Lokayukta. The telephonic conversation between the MLA and the person who complained against him is one of the important testimonials in the crime. The Lokayukta wanted to test Sampangi’s voice to check whether the recorded voice matches with that of the MLA’s. Sampangi had gone to court for a stay against Lokayukta proceedings. Lokayukta Justice Santhosh Hegde opined that this is the delaying tactic of a culprit. ( Vijaya Karnataka , Thursday, May 7 )

Strict rules to regulate KSRP police

The recent spate of police atrocities in the state has prompted Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) to take strict measures to keep their police personnel on track. KSRP is celebrating its golden jubilee this year. There has never been a black mark on its service yet. Officials want to retain the good image. KSRP batallions are on election duty in neighbouring states. To maintain descipline, the SPs and DySPs of the respective betallions are given strict directions to behave themselves and not to indulge in any activites that can bring disrespect to their batallions. ( Prajavani , Thursday, May 7 )

Inspector threatens woman who went to complain

RT Nagar inspector Prasad has set a new sort of trend. He threatened a woman, who went to the police station to file a complaint against a political leader, with dire consequences. Bhagya worked for a political party on behalf of a leader, Srinivas, during the recent election campaign. When Bhagya requested Srinivas for the payment due to her, the latter not only declined to pay, but also used abusive language againist her. His wife allegedly hit Bhagya as well. Bhagya went to RT Nagar police station to file complaint against these two. Prasad, though initially asked his subordinates to take statement, later asked Bhagya to withdraw complaint or face consequences. Bhagya complained to higher officials against the inspector prompting city police commissioner to order for a departmental inquiry. Prajavani , Thursday, May 7 )


Where is the bus stand in KR Market?

One wonders about the bus stand in KR Market, the business center in Bangalore. There are several ‘bus stops’ scattered all over the market confusing the commuters and creating chaos. Government has plans for a modern bus stand in Majestic. Public allege that there are no such plans for KR market. However, BBMP and BMTC officials refute this. The chief traffic manager of BMTC Vishwanath claims that there are numerous projects. BBMP has asked BMTC to build bus stands which has sought land from the government. Though BMTC has prepared a plan, private bus operators’ lobby scuttled those initiatives. ( Udayavani , Tuesday, May 12 )

BDA site value increases

Soon government rates of BDA sites will increase. However, this may not be very high in comparison to commercial site rates that exist in Bangalore. The price will increase from Rs 260 per square feet to Rs 500. BDA is likely to implement the rule that prevents a site owner to resell the site within 10 years of sale more rigorously. Though decision regarding price rise was taken long ago, it was not implemented as no new layouts have been constructed recently. Now with the process of Nadaprabhu Kempegowda layout taking off, the price rise will take affect. ( Kannada Prabha , Friday, May 8 )

BMTC and Metro rail to merge in future?

Chief traffic controller of BMTC, K S Vishwanath hinted that BMTC and BMRCL (Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited) may merge in future. Speaking over ‘Bus transit in Bengaluru’, a talk organised in Institute of Engineers, Vishwanath said that talks to merge these two big corporations have already started. BMRCL is yet to start functioning. The merger talks may be fruitful as both are government organisations, he opined. ( Kannada Prabha , Friday, May 8 )

Outsourcing make Victoria hospital a patient

Many maintenance works in Victoria Hospital were outsourced. However, contractors have scant respect for hospital rules and regulations. Security and cleanliness are not enforced. While the security agency does not have any modern equipments to detect anti-social activities, maintenance contractors do not provide sufficient workers to do the work. Private participation has failed to yield any result. ( Prajavani , Saturday, May 9 )

BDA to distribute 80,000 sites next year

Those who are waiting for a BDA site, may heave a sigh of relief. BDA has decided to distribute 80,000 sites in next one year. It is prepared to develop much awaited Nadaprabhu Kempegowda and Dr K Shivarama Karantha layout. About 20% of sites will be earmarked for poor people. Kempegowda layout will have 60,800 sites. Applications may be invited in November or December this year. ( Kannada Prabha , Monday, May 11 )

Low cost houses from BDA

Tata group has announced construction of low cost houses which starts from Rs 3.9 lakhs. Our BDA too has joined the race announcing that it will build flats costing less than Rs 5 lakhs. These houses are meant for labourers of unorganised sector and economically backward people. BDA is expected to invite the application from the public within three months. BDA termed the scheme as ‘budget houses’ and claims that it is first of its kind in India. BDA plans to build about 36,000 budget houses in 200 acres of land around the city. ( Kannada Prabha , Sunday, May 10 )

Autos celebrate 59th anniversary

It was exactly 59 years ago when the auto rickshaws were introduced in Bangalore for the first time. A foreign couple residing in Shivajinagar sought permission from the then Bangalore mayor N Keshav to run 10 autos in the city on experimental basis in December 1950. Those were the days of horse carts. However, autos have changed the definition of city transportation. Even today autos cater to requirements of people of all catogories. ( Prajavani , Monday, May 11 )

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