Bengaluru news in brief: Apr 8 – 14

This week's scan of Kannada newspapers have a number of reports on the elections to India's Ajlan Shan hockey championship victory.


40 ‘pallakki’s, one festival

One or two ‘pallakkis’ or chariots that carry the idol of God, are common in every festival. However Kodandaramaiah rathotsava in Hulimavu on Bannerughatta road is different. There will be about 40 pallakkis in just one festival held on Wednesday, 15th April. Kodandaramaiah temple is a historic, century old temple. There are many other temples in its neighbourhood. A pallakki from each temple will parade in this grand fest. Devotees of each temple compete with each other to make their pallakki attractive. The procession of pallakkis will continue throughout the night. (Prajavani, Monday, April 13)


Campaigns go hi-tech and cost effective

The Election Commission’s strict vigil on campaigning expenditure of political parties has made the latter look for other alternatives. This time many candidates and parties have been looking for other hi-tech options for campaigning. They are using SMSs, emails, voice call, graphics sms’s, mobile screen savers and wall papers. BJP is the foremost in using these modern available publicity tools. These also turn out to be cheaper compared to buntings, hoardings et cetera. (Vijaya Karnataka, Saturday, April 11)

‘She’ turns out to be a man!

You must have seen the lady who stands in the corner of the stage at every JDS bash, with a haystack hoisted on her head. She resembles the poll sign of JDS. However now the secret is out. She is not actually a woman. ‘She’ is a man. Srinivas from Mandya wears this woman look for every JDS programme and election campaign. But why? He says that he is an ardent follower of former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and would do anything for the betterment of the party. Srinivas can stand upto 10 hours without taking a break. (Kannada Prabha, Friday, April 10)

Still haunted by the Hooch tragedy

The residents of Devara Jeevanahalli, a tiny place falling under Bangalore North constituency, have warned all political parties about supplying arrack on the eve of voting. They have a reason for that. About 26 people died here in a hooch tragedy during the last assembly election. However one can hardly see any change in the lives of people here. They get water only twice a week. They pay Rs 5 for a pot of water. They have numerous problems. However one issue has united them together. They warn workers of any political parties who try to bribe them by providing a bottle of arrack. (Kannada Prabha, Sunday, April 12)

Banners and flex boards disappear

The Election Commission is strictly adhering to rules that do not allow buntings, banners and flex boards during this election. The law is implemented more rigorously this time compared to the previous assembly elections. There is no sign of any banner pertaining to political parties in the city. BBMP has even set up a center to recieve complaints regarding banners and flex boards. So far there were no complaints. However producers of flexboards are worst hit. Usually their business doubles during elections. This time there is no demand at all. (Vijaya Karnataka, Monday, April 13)

This candidate’s assets: Rs. 150/-

The assets of candidates of the ongoing parliamentary elections runs into crores of rupees. However T. Ravikumar is an exception. He declared in his nomination that he has just Rs 150 with him. Ravikumar, an engineering student, is contesting from Bangalore South constituency. He sold his bike to pay the deposit. Now he travels by BMTC buses. He canvasses for votes in the buses he travels. (Prajavani, Tuesday, April 14)

Election turns friends into foes

This is politics. Close friends are now rivals, thanks to elections. The Bangalore North parliamentary constituency is witnessing a direct fight between Congress and BJP. The candidates of the respective parties, Jaffer Shariff and DB Chandregowda were close friends from the same party until a few days ago. Now they are the rivals. Both threatened to quit Congress if they were denied tickets. Jaffer Shariff got it, but not in the constituency of his choice. However Chandregowda was not so lucky, and he joined the BJP. (Udayavani, Wednesday, April 8)

Gifting’ journos to oppose bribes!

Mahima Patel, son of former chief minister JH Patel has launched a campaign to create awareness among the public about the importance of voting. In a press conference held in the city, Mahima Patel announced that awareness will be created against those who give money, arrack and use unfair means to get votes. However the paradox is that after the press conference, journalists were handed a cover with money in it. Scribes took Mahima Patel to task for this glaring indiscretion. (Vijaya Karnataka, Wednesday, April 8)

No polling booths in these villages

More than 30 villages in the Yelahanka assembly constituency do not have polling booths. This has made voting for villagers difficult as they do not want to travel far to cast their votes. Channasandra, Dandanapalya, Koluvarayanahalli, Harohallipalya are some of the villages that do not have polling booths. This is not the first time it is happening- these areas have never seen polling booths to this day. Each village has 150 to 200 voters. This time villagers have demanded vehicles and money from politicians to cast their votes. (Kannada Prabha, Wednesday, April 8)



Disappearance of green belt fosters health problems

Various ‘development’ works in Bangalore have resulted in the disappearance of atleast 60 per cent of the green belt. This has created many skin related health problems. The environment study center of IISC (Indian Institute of Science) has said that there is an average of 3 to 4 degree increase in city temperature. Doctors are advising people not to go out during noon. While everybody blames the BBMP for this avoidable situation, BBMP officials talk about the four lakhs saplings that they planted last year. (Prajavani, Sunday, April 12)


Election is fire test for ministers

State ministers may be required to pay a price should the BJP lose parliamentary elections. Chief Minister Yedyurappa has made it clear that he will revamp the cabinet after election results, directly signalling ministers who might fail to impress their voters. Yedyurappa said that the results would be a yardstick of the popularity and working of a minister. He also clarified that the same will be applied to independent MLAs who became ministers by extending support to the BJP government. (Prajavani, Thursday, April 9)

Police smell foul play in fire accident

Strange fire accidents are not new at the end of every financial year. This week Bangalore saw a series of fire accidents. Important among them are accidents in Cauvery emporium on MG road and St.Martha’s Hospital. Earlier it was said that a short circuit was the reason for the mishap at Cauvery emporium. Valuable artefacts worth lakhs of rupees were burnt. Now police have expressed doubt about the cause of fire. Chief electricity engineer of BESCOM Basavaraj said that there was no short circuit. The real reason may be traced after the investigation. (Prajavani, Saturday, April 11)


New model buses fail to attract people

BMTC has started a number of new services keeping up an effort to rope in people using their own vehicles to commute. Blueline, Orangeline and Big 10 buses are some, to name a few. However the response so far is not very encouraging. Two and four wheeler owners still prefer their own mode of transportation thanks to the time the buses take to reach their destination. BMTC says these buses have been introduced to encourage people to use public transport and reduce traffic conjestion. It also plans to initiate a number of schemes to make them more attractive. (Udayavani, Tuesday, April 14)

Havadiga colony lacks infrastructure facilities.

Their colony is right on the bank of drainage canal, but it has no sewage system in place. The colony of snake charmers in Jaibhuvaneshwari nagar in Laggere is an exclusive colony built for havadigas (snake charmers) seven years ago. More than 300 families live here. There is no drainage system in the colony that can connect sewage to the adjacent drainage canal. The residents are forced to lift sewage water themselves mannually. The colony also lacks basic infrastructure facilities. No MLAs or MPs have dared to visit this place so far, even to ask for votes. (Kannada Prabha, Monday, April 13)

Underpass in KR Circle

BBMP has launched the work for one more underpass in KR Circle. This underpass will allow vehicles from Vidhana Soudha to enter Nripatunga road bypassing the signal. The construction of this phataphat underpass will be completed in just three days, claim BBMP officials. However one more underpass near Maharani’s college on Sheshadri road is yet to be completed. Officials say the work may continue for 15 more days. Public allege that lack of preparation by BBMP before execution is the reason for the delays. (Kannada Prabha, Saturday, April 11)

Women’s hostel gets facelift

This column recently brought to light the pitiable state of the women’s hostel adjacent to Central College of Bangalore University. The report has been successful in prodding authorities into action. The 100 year old building is now getting a face lift. Bangalore University has undertaken repair and cleaning of this hostel which has 125 inmates. However inmates still fear that mere repair may not ensure the safety of the building. (Vijaya Karnataka, Wednesday, April 8)

Apparel park yet to take off

The increasing business in garment sector had prompted the government to announce setting up of an Apparel Park in Bangalore in 2002. The following year, KIADB identified 187 acres of land in Doddaballapur for the same. Though the park was inaugurated six years ago, companies are yet to open factories in the park. Out of 30 companies which brought land in the park, only four are working now. Companies have invested more than Rs 150 crores, but are hesitant to set up factories due to lack of basic infrastructure facilities. (Vijaya Karnataka, Sunday, April 12)


Sommana’s entry into BJP worrying ministers?

R Ashok and Katta Subramanya Naidu, MLAs from Bangalore, are powerful ministers in the Yeddyurappa cabinet. Now Congress MLA Somanna has joined the BJP, and the entry of Govindarajanagar MLA is cause for worry for these ministers. Somanna has risen from the scratch, and belongs to the same community as that of the chief minister. Ashok and Katta Subramanya Naidu may slowly lose their grip over decisions regarding Bangalore, analysts observe. (Vijaya Karnataka, Saturday, April 11)


Ajlan Shah victory dedicated to player’s father

India’s winning hockey team, which won the Ajlan Shah Hockey championship in Malaysia, has a Kannadiga player in it- SV Sunil. His father Vittalacharya died during the tournament. Despite the grave development, Sunil continued to play, as he felt playing for the country was his father’s dream. The team management and players initially advised him to return home and catch a last glimpse of his father. But they later relented and appreciated Sunil’s decision. Now this historic victory is dedicated to his father late Vittalacharya. (Kannada Prabha, Tuesday, April 14)

After cricket, it’s the Volleyball league

Taking a cue from the cricket league matches, the Indian Volleyball Federation (IVF) has decided to hold national volleyball league in seven Indian cities. The league will act as a forum for qualifying for various international events. The league will commence from October this year. Though the money that players get is no match to what cricketers are paid, IVF announced a minimum of Rs 1 lakh to each player. The franchise agency of each team may hire a maximum of two foreign players. The prize money is Rs 10 lakhs. (Kannada Prabha, Thursday, April 9)

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