Citizen Matters is an independent news media focused on cities and citizens, with insightful reporting on critical issues, ideas and solutions to India’s urban issues. Our journalism catalyses better cities by empowering the public with the knowledge and understanding to become active and engaged citizens.

Our journalism is supported by Oorvani Foundation, a non-profit trust that works on open knowledge platforms for civic engagement and community revitalisation. Oorvani Foundation also supports Open City, an urban data platform that enables data driven decision making and Co Media Lab – a community media lab to support civic engagement and collaborations.

Citizen Matters is published by Oorvani Media, an independent local media firm originally founded by Subramaniam Vincent and Meera K in 2008.

Articles by professional journalists is complemented by contributions from experts and citizen reporters. We encourage everyone to get involved in city affairs and report, collaborate, analyse, and propose ideas and solutions. This is an open forum for discourse on city topics. If you want to be a part of our team, do get in touch.


Meera K is co-founder and editor of Citizen Matters. Meenakshi Ramesh anchors the Chennai edition. Editorial team includes Satarupa Sen Bhattacharya and Navya PK. Reporting is done by a team of professional journalists, citizens and activists interested in civic issues. Nishanth C helps with technology and operations.

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