What are your guidelines for republication?

People interested in republishing Citizen Matters’ articles online or in print, must seek permission from us first. In some cases, they will need to seek separate clearance from the journalist/writer IN ADDITION to Citizen Matters itself. Write to us at edit@citizenmatters.in, and we will let you know whether you need to seek permission from the writer as well.

Requests for republication must specifically identify the article under consideration. Otherwise we will not be able to respond.

Please note the following:

Citation: Once you get a permission from us, please follow the citation guideline:
All republished articles must include the following citation: “This article was first published in Citizen Matters (<add link to article>) and is republished here with permission”. The name of the author has to be mentioned.

Copies: When republication is in print, we ask that the publisher mail the pdf of the print publication. When the republication is online, we ask that the publisher e-mail us a note with the link of the article.

Responsiveness and silence: Citizen Matters will make all efforts to respond within three days of receiving a legitimate republication request. A lack of response must be construed as a NO, not a yes.

Open Media Initiative

Publishers interested in partnering with us can check out about Oorvani Foundation’s Open Media Initiative.