Citizen Contributors

Be a part of the conversation on issues that affect us all in the city! Citizen Matters has been recognised for its innovative model combining professional journalism and community stories with high standards of editorial stewardship!

Perhaps you’d want to share an update on some happening or have in-depth knowledge of a field that you could share with others.  We believe citizens know what is going on in their own neighbourhoods in more detail, context and sensitiveness. Also citizens have a point of view “what is in it for me and my community”. Citizens can also connect the dots between policy and how it impacts them. They have cognitive surplus!

We welcome contributions from articulate citizens who are excited about writing on city topics. You can write, contribute photo essays or make short films! It could be a report, opinion, analysis, interpretation, just commenting on a development and asking questions.  You can also partner with professional journalists.  Please get in touch with us with your ideas.

Note: citizen contributions are voluntary.

Professional Journalists

STAFF JOURNALIST(s) – Current openings
A smart, intelligent journalist to report for Citizen Matters, Chennai

* Full time/part time reporting
* City-focussed news, analysis, interviews features
* Investigative pieces
* Hyperlocal news
* Data journalism

* Excellent command over English, knowledge of local language must.
* Should have read Citizen Matters and familiar with the type of content we publish
* Should care about Bangalore, related news and happenings
* Should love to read
* Should be a self-learner, highly productive, efficient, capable of multi-tasking
* Skilled in communication and social media

Experience: 2-4 years, with exposure to news reporting in a magazine or newspaper. The ideal candidate has the stomach for hard reporting on tough issues, while being able to mix up his or her workload with feature writing from time to time.

* * *


We are open to expert contributors- especially those with deep insights into urban issues.


  • Be curious and articulate
  • Have interest in community affairs
  • For indepth reports, possess talent for investigative and analytical stories in simple and lucid language

How to apply

Please mail us at – introducing yourself, describing your goals and interests along with your resume. Interested writers SHOULD send us samples of their writing.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and will provide a non-discriminatory environment for your work. In your resume, it is not necessary to include your marital status, caste or ethnicity. In addition, we will not ask about other factors – handicaps, sexual orientation, or religion – at any time.