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Oorvani Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering citizens through open knowledge platforms for civic engagement & community revitalisation.

Oorvani Foundation’s flagship initiative is Citizen Matters, a digital news platform with insightful reporting on critical urban issues, ideas and solutions for cities across India, with select set of local channels for civic journalism and citizen engagement.

Our other projects include Open City,  a one-stop shop for public data and documents, and Co Media Lab, a community media newsroom and resource centre, working to build a large pool of citizen journalists and young media talent.

We look for enthusiastic, committed team members/freelancers with rapid learning curve and interest in urban and community topics.

Staff Positions

  • Reporter (Chennai) positions: CLOSED
  • Reporter (any metro) positions: OPEN
  • Editor (Bengaluru, Chennai or any metro) positions: OPEN
  • Engagement Editor (Bengaluru): CLOSED

Note: Part-time positions possible.

Our journalists cover urban issues across India’s cities. They work on news, analysis, interviews, long form features etc. They are available online full time, working in parallel with the rest of the team across India. Our expectations,

  • Have excellent command over English. Local language knowledge is important.
  • Have keen interest in urban and local topics including economy, sustainability,  transport, water, waste, local governance and children.
  • Possess curiosity and articulation, and a love for books!
  • Are a self-learner, highly productive, efficient, capable of multi-tasking
  • Are skilled in communication and social media
  • Data journalism and investigative reporting experience a plus.
  • The ideal candidate has the stomach for hard reporting on tough issues, while being able to mix up his or her workload with feature writing from time to time.

More info on current openings

Writer-Editor (part time)

  • Location: Bangalore or Chennai. (Other cities possible for the right profile – let’s discuss)
  • Work would involve a combination of writing, editing (& commissioning when needed), curation, in English only for now. 
  • Mail us links to your work, and a note why you are interested, what makes you a good fit, what you’d like to do with the Citizen Matters platform (we love self-motivated journalists with innovative ideas and passion for their city!)
  • This is also a great full time option for exceptional fresh journalists looking to build a resume!

Freelance contributors

We are open to writers especially experts in specific urban topics. If you can write one-two solid 1000-1500 word stories a month – hard news report / analytical / insightful stories about your city, mail us with samples and story ideas.


If you want to intern to gain experience in media, community engagement, marketing or fundraising, reach out to us. These are 6 month or 1 year opportunities. We will provide a letter of recommendation and a certificate of experience, at the end of the tenure.

College students who need an internship for their course work can contact our Co Media Lab team.

Volunteering opportunities

Community Anchor

We are looking for people passionate about bettering their cities. If you are a writer or editor, or knowledgeable civic activist, and want to contribute updates and highlight stories for an independent news platform committed to empowering citizens, we’d like to hear from you.

You’d need to commit 8-10 hours a month, and be based in any major city of India. Do send us a note about yourself, and why you’d like to help, along with some links to your earlier work.

Citizen Journalists

As a public-funded non profit, we work with a large pool citizen contributors. Citizens share stories of change from their own neighbourhoods or spheres of work. We expect balance, fairness and an open attitude. See the principles of citizen journalism here*.

Be a part of the conversation on issues that affect us all in the city! Citizen Matters has been recognised for its innovative model combining professional journalism and community stories with high standards of editorial stewardship!

Perhaps you’d want to share an update on some happening or have in-depth knowledge of a field that you could share with others.  We believe citizens know what is going on in their own neighbourhoods in more detail, context and sensitiveness. Also citizens have a point of view “what is in it for me and my community”. Citizens can also connect the dots between policy and how it impacts them. They have cognitive surplus!

We welcome contributions from articulate citizens who are excited about writing on city topics. You can write, contribute photo essays or make short films! It could be a report, opinion, analysis, interpretation, just commenting on a development and asking questions.  You can also partner with professional journalists.  Please get in touch with us with your ideas.

Note: citizen contributions are voluntary.

If you have a story to share, click here.

Researchers and Copy Editors

We also welcome volunteers who can support us with research and data analysis.

If you’d like to help with copy editing and proofreading, that would be a super help. To apply, please take this article, and send us a sample of your edited version with track changes.


If you want a regular blog space to reflect your experiences and observations on city and citizens, write to us with a few blog samples, and a profile note.



Join our large virtual team of writers, experts, well wishers and other citizens to be part of an impactful initiative.

Contacting us

Please mail us at – introducing yourself, describing your goals and interests along with your resume and samples.

We are an equal opportunity organisation with a non-discriminatory environment. In your resume, it is not necessary to include your marital status, caste or ethnicity. In addition, we will not ask about other factors – handicaps, sexual orientation, or religion – at any time.