I promise to adhere to the following principles in my submissions to Citizen Matters:

  • Fairness: I will listen and take in to account divergent viewpoints;
  • Accuracy: I will get it right, checking my facts, correcting errors promptly and incorporating new and relevant information as and when I obtain them;
  • Thoroughness: I will gather and learn as much as possible in the given time about my topic and list the original source when available;
  • Independance and Transparency: I will aim to be independant in my views; Otherwise, I will explain my biases and conflicts, where appropriate. I will have no significant financial or otherwise direct connection (membership, affiliation, close relationship, etc.) with an interested party. If I do have such connections, I’ll disclose them prominently, and my work may be labeled and/or categorized appropriately.

I will operate with integrity and work in the community interest.

I agree, as an active member of this community, to help uphold the integrity of this pledge by challenging and reporting inappropriate postings or abuse.